101 things in 1001 days is one of my current favourite things- an online list of things I want to do. These aren’t everyday things, some are designed to be the great one-off dreams and some are designed to create habits, or to be the foundation of things that I want to do over longer periods.

I thought making a list of 101 things I want to do would be easy, it was, until I realised somewhere around the 60 thing point that I was duplicating things and what I was adding weren’t my idea of things I wanted to accomplish.

A week later I have a list of 101 things, some are a bit flaky so need a bit of refining to make them into proper goals and there are a few that may well be edited to make thme more personal. My 1001 days started on January 30th 2012, although I haven’t worked out when I’ll finish, it’ll be sometime in autumn 2014. 

I should be able to mark my first completed thing off the list this week, and add progress on a few more.