A few years ago I bought a copy of Twyla Tharp’s book ” The Creative Habit”, this book was an affirmation of something I already knew and understood that being creative involved habitul practise. Over the last few years I’ve had an on-going struggle to maintain personal creativity, I am being creative, I’m knitting or crocheting daily but this creativity lacks my own design input and originality. I’ve lost my habitual use of a sketchbook and textile practise. I’ve made lots promises to myself of good intentions and had lots of  false starts on projects that were meant to get me back into the creative habit.

About 2 weeks ago I was looking at Art House Co-Op when a theme, Stitches and Folds, caught my eye and suddenly I was thinking clearly about drawing and note making that might lead to the creation of some textile work. I knew straight away how to work with this theme, both as a sketchbook for the project and as the basis of new work of my own, so I signed up. I’ve been transported back several decades to when I was doing needlework as a school subject and the endless samples of seams, tuck, pleats and darts that had to be worked. Suddenly I was seeing a mixed media sketchbook and larger textile pieces celebrating this functional stitching. My  initial initial sketchbook is a very basic one I had on hand that has just kicked off my thinking and enabled me to get some simple preliminary thoughts down.

Giving thought to the materials I want to use, I’m going with simple: brown paper, dressmaking patterns, a sewing reference book, glossy fashion magazines, black and white fabrics, machine sewing cotton and stranded embroidery floss in colours to match. What I’m really not sure about is how to layout and put togther what I want into a sketchbook format suited to the book to be used for the Sketchbook project.