Knitting plans:

Knit 3 pairs of socks- 2 will be wips, 1 is new

Finish Pimpelliese, knit the Westknit’s Mystery Shawl, keeping up with clues as published, clue 1 posted and finished yesterday

Crochet plans:

Work on Grace motifs, I’m hoping to have enough yarn for a small asymetrical shaped scarf

Sketchbook plans:

Start to create small stitch samples of tucks, pleats and darts for Sketchbook project 2012, work in my own sketchbook to the same theme (stitches and folds) in preparation for my own work

Sewing plans:

Make a few simple applique cushions to replace the ones in the living room. I’ll need to buy some furnishing fabrics and maybe a few new cushion pads.

Work on my slow cloth