Looking back  July’s been a productive month:

Sock tally: 4 of 26

WIP progress: nil

Cast-ons: Spectra Scarf– unplanned, but I knew I’d find things along the way that I’d want to work on. Sea to Sea Pi shawl, and Ripple Triangle, both of the list and definately part of the plan. A couple of crochet motif cast-ons: Grace by Amanda Perkins and Hexagons by Lucy of Attic 24. I hope both of these will size up to be proper projects, more about these further down.

I discovered two boxes of odd skeins of yarn not yet on Ravelry, I’ve managed to catalogues some yarns, others I have no idea about.

Discovery of Pinterest, this is another addictive social website, this time for saving inspiring and interesting pictures in a pinboard format. I can see myself wasting hours playing with it. Ther’e lot sof lovely crochet inspiration, as if I need any!  The most beautiful item I found was this, from Lucy of Attic 24 I love the motif so much I ordered a copy of the book from Japan, and I can’t wait until it  arrives. There is a tutorial here for something that’s very close to the original, if I really feel the need to try it out I’ll use this.

I’ve started work on a new sketchbook and textile pieces on the theme “stitches and folds” in part for the Sketchbook Project 2012, and in part to develop a new body of stitching for me. I’ve started to draw some line sketches of seams, tucks and the like, I’m planning to work some small samples using simple fabrics, brown paper, pages from a second- hand copy of The Vogue Sewing Book and some old paper sewing patterns. First I need to work out how long the existing pages in sketchbook supplied would measure end to end.

Nine chicks hatched so far this weekend, 6 Cream Crested Legbars and 3 Barnevelders. Two more have started to hatch with 9 showing no signs of hatching.

I taught myself to crochet last year, and I’ve completed a few shawls and a bag. I’ve got a traditional granny square blanket in progress to use up my sock  yarn scraps,  I wanted to make a ripple blanket, but whilst I making the bag I realised I like motif based crochet rather than long rounds or rows of the same stitch. A crochet-along for a lovely motif, Grace, started last weekend, so I grabbed some pink/ purple and green cotton yarn and started to work some motifs. I don’t have a huge amount of this yarn so I plan to have motif sized spaces provided the shawl holds it’s shape.

The other crochet project that I started is a Hexagon Blanket, which is a quick and attractive pattern to work: