I’ve started a weekly blog post routine to link my knitting and blogging together, the substance of this is a year’s worth of projects that I want to complete, and until today, 3 weeks in I was doing ok. Some finished socks, I’ve cast on my Pi shawl and I’ve knitted a garter tab for one of the Evelyn Clark shawls, but I hadn’t attempted any new cast-ons.

Then today, I signed up for a KAL that’s not on my list for 2011/12, used the yarn I thought would use for it to cast on  new project, see the picture below and went to my local yarn store to buy some yarn for the KAL and a crochet top. Why, when I have a long list of knitting already planned, do I do this to my self, I must be insane!

I think I’d best revisit and review my list on the 1st of each month, firstly to mark progress and completions and secondly to note progress and include new additions.