I’m doing well this week, my second pair of finished socks, holidaying at home has some compensations! I’m aiming to finish another two pairs before I go back to work in just over a week’s time as thereafter progress will be quite a bit slower. This is the second finish towards my very ambitious personal project list that is the basis of my knitting year.


I’ve been re-evaluating how I use my stash of sock yarn for this project, some of it had been ear-marked for shawls originally and now I feel I want to use it during this sock knitting marathon. I’ve made good progress on a few sips (socks in progress):

I might treat myself to some time away from sock knitting later today to start my chosen Pi Shawl. I’ve wanted to knit a Pi shawl for a long time, the orderly, mathematical construction appeals to me. And I’d quite like to work one from a pattern and then design my own at some point in the future.