Come Blog-A-long is a group on the social network group for knitters, Ravelry. The idea of this group is to combine knitting and blogging, either by knitting from one book, or from a collection of chosen patterns.

I’ve compiled my own personalised knitting book of patterns that I’d really love to knit and blog about from 1 July 2011 to 30th June 2012, as always I’ve come up with something of considerable complexity. I want to incorporate 26 pairs of socks, all my existing wips other than socks, a Pi shawl and a book of  8 patterns by Evelyn Clark.

26 pairs of socks (list not yet complete)

Twisted Socks, started in February 2011

Artichoke, started in May 2011

Kew, started in June 2011

Passerine, started in June 2011

Skew, started in June 2011

Sunday Swing, started in June 2011

Mona, started in June 2011

Diversion, started in June 2011

Zigzag anklets, started in June 2011

Vanilla socks for my dad, started in June 2011

Sunny Afternoon Anklets, my own design, started in June 2011



Existing WIPS

Wedding Ring Shawl started February 2010

Poppea, started in July 2010

Wolfsbane, started in July 2010

Vermont Shawl, started in March 2011

Aeolian, started in April 2011

Pimpelliese, started in June 2011

Damson, started in June 2011

Pi Shawl

Seas to seas

Evelyn Clark: Knitting Lace Triangles

Flower Lace Shawl

Leaf Lace Shawl

Medallion Lace Shawl

Ripple Lace Shawl

Rose Ribbons Shawl

Sand Dollar Shawl

Sunshine and Showers Shawl

Garden Shawl