It’s been over six months since the move into a rented house in Wiltshire and I still have a  substantial number of  large boxes provided by the removal company which have gone largely unopened. I think the time has come to consider the content of these and to declutter a bit more. To do this really effectively I need more bookshelves and a couple of cupboards, for now I’m buying a few more permanent storage boxes  I’m keeping until we find a new home and can think about more storage.

I think I need to be ruthless and split the contents of these boxes into:

  • items that I want to keep but don’t currently have shelf space for
  • items that I can give away to people who will use them
  • things that need to be recycled via recyling bins
  • donations to charity shops
  • rubbish to be thrown out as it can’t be dealt with in any other way

Here’s a picture of the 16 cardboard boxes, plus all the odds and ends stowed away around them that I’m aiming to sort out. The clear boxes are staying and will get a good sort through so I can satisfy myself what is in them is worth keeping.