My hair has looked unhappy for sometime, I used to have lovely bright shiny curls. I’d suspected for some time that the hard water in my current home was not good for it as I seem to have lost most of my curl most days. On top of that I’ve been washing it daily with what transpire are very harsh products. I get curls on a good day, for all of a couple of hours, the rest of the time I have frizz and static which is just awful.

At the weekend I took a drastic step thinking having more layers would be helpful to making my hair curl properly and I asked my hairdresser cut my shoulder length bob quite drastically and I bloody hate it. He did a great cut, and it would look great on most people, but not me. I don’t look like me any more.

I’d heard and read online about a regime for curls  which I’m about to embark on, I really can’t stand not having proper curls. Evidence of my last bad hair day can be seen below.