I’ve been on Cold Sheep and knitting from my stash since last September when I stopped buying yarn, although I continued to have a couple of yarn clubs which I’d pre-paid for until the end of the year. Interestingly going Cold Sheep has taught me a lot about what my knitting preferences are and how I need to knit in order to avoid terminal startitus.

During 2010, I drove myself to distraction knitting by 10 shawls in 2010, it became a bit of a weight round my neck and it was all  I ever seemed to be starting and knitting. By the time I got to shawl 9 I wasn’t enjoying it much, although in the end I did knit all 10. I ended 2010 with close to 40 projects which I’d started because I was so bored with the 10 shawls thing, and for me that really wasn’t a good place to be.

Over the Christmas period, I tidied my Ravelry notebook, sorted out my stash and made decisions about to deal my WIPs. Since then I’ve completed 7 WIPs, plus a few new projects and I’ve put 2 into hibernation for now and I’ve frogged somewhere around 30 of the started ‘cos I was bored variety. I’ve got my WIPs down to a more manageable 9, of which 2 are for a KAL and so represent some almost immediate gratification, there’s also a big shawl that should get finished soon, so the remainder look a lot more attractive and manageable now.

In search of a new challenge for 2011, and beyond, I’ve set myself up alphabets of socks and shawls, there are no deadlines here, just a list of patterns I want to knit matched to my stash. If something else comes along and catches my attention I’ll work on it. Yesterday I came across a new group on Ravelry- see the badge and link in my sidebar, the basic premise is to knit a book of projects over a year from July 1st and to blog about progress or not on these projects. This book can be an actual physical book, or a compilation of patterns drawn from a number of sources, mine will be the latter, and I’ll start with a couple of my WIPs.

Aeolian, pattern from Knitty.comVermont Shawl, pattern available via Ravelry

It won’t take me long to come up with a list of the 10 or so patterns that’ll go towards my book, as with anything I do I reserve the right to change my mind as often as I like during the course of the knitting year.