When I did my Part 2 City and Guilds qualification 10 years ago I felt totally daunted by one significant part of the syllabus which was to create 6 surfaces for stitch. Our tutor was quite insistent that not only should the surfaces be made from scratch, they should be embroidered too. These 6 pieces each no larger than A4 took me the best part of 3 years to work.

I so wish I’d known then what I knew now! Suddenly I’m seeing ideas for making surfaces everywhere I turn.

I came across a feature in a book that showed a hand-held weaving loom developed during the depression, until I had another go at spinning I wouldn’t have given this a second glance. Suddenly I can see the potential of this simple loom, and Ive tracked down a plan to make one. Within the space of a few hours I have a loom, instructions about weaving and I’m trying this simple weaving loom out using a bamboo tape I dyed about 4 years ago.