i’ve long wanted to be able to create my own yarns for stitching with.
i borrowed a friend’s spinning wheel a while ago and despite trying it out i couldn’t get the hang of what i was supposed to do. i then decided to try drop spindling, with a spindle and a book or two i tried that. the result were odd bits of yarn that didn’t quite hold together. yesterday i went with a couple of friends to a spinners day, attended by a well known supplier where yarns were available to sample. so i tried again, firstly with joy’s double treadle wheel, then with a drop spindle and some tuition from sue.

once again the wheel didn’t work out, although i did manage with joy’s help to produce a ball of yarn i will stitch with. like anything i’m sure with practise i’d get the hang of it, as my desire is not for skeins of yarn it’s for threads to put in my textile work, a wheel doesn’t make sense for now. the spindle was something else, watching sue, then following her instructions, I happily spun with  “fluff” for a few hours. i’m not after perfect yarn i want to create what is known as “art yarn” so i was delighted to produce 3 smallish lengths of yarn that i’m going to use in a stitch project.

the picture below shows from top, my assisted wheel spun yarn, 3 small bundles of spindle spun yarn