5 dec 2010, looking north from West Farm, sunset

west farm has been my home since october 2010.

suddenly i’ve been transported into an environment where i can really can find all the inspiration i need without leaving home. the picture above was taken from my gate, the light on the day I took it was extraordinary: clear, sharp and cold. i’ve always thought of autumn and winter as angular, with sharp contrasts, a time when all the rounded edges of spring and summer have grown out.

found papers and a copy of the photograph used to create a sketchbook page

translating these thoughts into textiles happened quite naturally, i tend to work with a pieced/patched fabric base, this one is a slight departure from that practise as it is woven.

the fabrics used are a mixture, some are commercial printed fabrics, some i have chosen to colour and finally some are recycled. again there is new practise and intent here. recycling and repurposing are new activities for me, interestingly having rejected recycled fabrics previously, i am enjoying the way these materials feel and handle against the crisper commercial fabrics.

the details of the larger piece show fabrics i have coloured and the beginning of handstitching that will begin to tie the work together.