i think i may finally have found the right way to describe how i feel about working in textiles. my fabulous friend felix gave me a link to Jude Hill’s blog  as she felt the were similarities to my work, and particularly my work centred on lytham sands.  jude weaves and stitches fabric into quilt pieces, each piece evolving as she works as it is worked as part of a story. from there I found myself at my friend Jill’s blog and I realised how immersed in textile work jill has become, like jude, jill weaves her quilts incorporating her story within them.

again from jude’s blog i found myself seeking information about the slow cloth movement, finding this could be a coming of age for my work. gone are the days when i could or want to rattle out pieces at breakneck speed, i want to work in a way that enables me to be more reflective in my work. these days i don’t have a need to plan how my work will look, i can stitch and create in a more fluid way which i hope will enable me to work with art cloths, that are either whole or constructed cloth pieces. i have always enjoyed the process of collecting fabrics, however over the last year have been drawn away from commercial fabrics towards a desire to use fabrics and threads that have had a life and therefore have meaning in their own right within the textiles i create.