for the first time in absolutely ages my daughter and I are doing something together but apart. after I got excited about “the sketchbook project” she decided she’d enjoy taking part too as she has some free time before her final year at university. so even though we are about 70 miles apart we’re both going to work on our respective sketchbooks at the same time.

she chose her theme changing her mind several time in the process, finally settling for “It’ll be fun, I swear”. yesterday after a real dither I decided I had to chose a theme of my own too, quite why I feel I’ll be able to work on two books I don’t know.

I picked “revenge.

i think the best revenge anyone could have is maintaining the high ground and tranforming their life, moving on to new and hopefully better things. my story is going to be about just this, someone picking themselves up, dusting themselves off and starting all over again. much like the story woven through the major arcana in most decks of tarot cards. i hope you’re thinking Gloria Gaynor and “I will Survive!”