Felix at my knitting group is a bloody marvel!

I asked her  about my creativity and lack of artistic enthusiasm, she said what had to be said last night and I really valued her honesty. I left the cafe where we meet thinking about what my search was and even after the 30 minute drive home I couldn’t answer that question.

I  realised by the end of the drive home that I’m not excited by what I’ve been doing, it’s too prissy and organised and I’m trying to go through a creative routine that was great when I had a syllabus to follow and an end product to produce but doesn’t inspire me to carry a sketchbook about.

I pulled The Artist’s Way off my bookcase to consign it to the loft, as I find the whole approach feeds my inner critic rather than bolsters me. I pulled down a few much loved less critical books: Dan Eldon’s Journal, Jennifer New’s. Life as Art  and a couple of my Keri Smith books. I had a bit of a flick through each before bed .

This morning things started to get exciting, I sat in bed with my cup of tea and started to read “How to be an Explorer of the World”. Exploration # 43 caught my eye… Found Paper, I also like Exploration # 21 Your Favourite Street.

A bit later on I was taking some cardboard out to the recycling box and I tore the corner of the cereal box and picked up a small shred of card from the path that has been there a day or so.

Then I went back upstairs found a sketchbook, the concertina in a slip case one in the picture, I was being really precious about it, I opened it at random and glued in the card, which was the most exciting artistic statement I’ve made in many many months. I found some paper in my car, a receipt and a wrapper which I’ve glued in. I varied my car journey into work this morning and I’ve drawn something I noticed on that changed route to work over the top of it.

I’ve no idea where this search is going, or what the search is, I do think Felix would be proud of me!