Hard as I tried last night I couldn’t find any way I could fit what I want to do into being a 10kH project. Basically I want to expand my creative focus and do a wider variety of textile/ artistic activities, 10hK won’t help me do that. Trying to use idea behind the Creative Everyday Blog isn’t going to make a difference either, I am creative every day as I do some knitting/ crochet.

I’m back to where I usually end up… trying to tell myself I should make time to do stitching, drawing and more. I’m away for a few days soon and I’m going to take a couple of books with me that I think might offer me a few prompts. The first  is Twyla Tharp’s book “The Creative Habit” , the second is Rice Freeman Zachary’s “Living the Creative Life”. The central premise of Twyla Tharps book is one I know works and I believe in, which is that creativity is a habit. I’m going to work the exercises from the book as I go through it and I’m going to read from cover to cover rather. In the other book I plan to read book, Rice Freeman- Zachary asks creative people how they work and where they get their ideas/inspirations.