I dropped into Missenden Abbey at the weekend to say a very fond farewell to Hilary Bower who’s leaving the teaching team. The joy of Hilary’s weekends was the supportive environment she created and the freedom to explore a topic or theme or to just be there soaking up the creative vibes. It felt so strange walking through the building and sitting in a class I wasn’t participating in. Once again I’ve been  forced to recognise that I’m very good at having ideas for expanding myself creatively, I’m not very disciplined about making them happen. It comes down to this: I have a reason for knitting socks, they keep my feet warm, I don’t have a reason for creating my own original art work. I don’t belong to a group, I don’t take classes, I don’t exhibit.

This morning I came across a “new to me” idea on the blog Junebug on a String based on a book called “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell, which in essence suggests that to truly master anything takes 10,000 hours of effort, and that most people don’t ever reach that target. In reality the message from this book and blog isn’t really new,  it’s the same as an essay and book that I turn to regularly when needing to try to kick-start my creativity, what is different is the author is actually saying that the time it takes to become “the best” at something can be measured and has to be put in. I know I’ve seen a visual mechanism for counting in one of my art books in which the writer counts creative time each day/ week no matter how short. I need to mull these ideas over, maybe to start counting how I spend my days, look at how many hours of creativity I put in, what I do during that time and to set some goals that I can follow to expand what I do.