… I’ve had a significant creative block for about the last 18 months without realising it. It snuck up on me without me being aware of what was missing from my life.

I need a strategy or two to get me out of where I’ve been languishing. I don’t want to stop knitting- I want to do a wider variety of artistic things. Knitting is the creation of a garment using other people’s designs. My one act of creativity within this is my choice of yarns. No wonder then that  when I look at where I’ve been that I feel so blocked.

I need to establish some time and space to get art journalling again. I need to get on with it, not wory about how interesting on not it is, just put in the time. I think maybe I need to look at The Artist’s Way again- try some of the exercises.

… Neither of them could say if asked exactly when they started over. It just crept up on them. Both could say that in their teens they’d briefly been the love of each other’s life.

They went their separate ways, married other people, acquired assets and had children.

And found each other again.

They met on neutral ground. Both intending to see how the other had changed, catch up on the intervening years and return to the lives they both now led.