I thought I’d run out steam with the theme within the landscape, after meeting some of the goddesses earlier this week for a loooooooooooong lunch it seems there is still mileage in it. I’m so glad I didn’t delete the blog, I’d have been cursing and growling this morning.

My friend Su and I were chewing the fat about our wider textile interests, both of us use different textile skills in our work and I came back fired up to start combining fabrics, embroidery, knitting and crochet in a series of pieces based on ammonites.

Using a few embroidery threads and crochet hook I created the little experimental piece below:

Experiment 1

My aim for this weekend is to review my sketchbooks and work done on the theme so far, make my inspiration board look more inspirational and less functional and try a few more small experiments with fabrics and threads.