Most of us are artists, we  may not recognise it, but it’s there.

We choose a knitting pattern to make a sock, knowing the yarn we have will work best with a horizontal design, we decorate a room in our home, knowing which shade of blue will match the curtains, we plant a window box with pansies knowing the colours will lift our spirits during the long winter months.

We carry small unlined notebooks and pens about and in doing so open ourselves to opportunities to use Bounty kitchen towel to paint the paper with tea and coffee… to stick in a picture or photo and write about it, why we like it, that sort of thing… when we go look at paint for the bedroom, we grab a whole lot of those paint swatches, why not cut them up stick them in, what colour are you? am I?… we stick in photos we love, then we get a pad of squared paper and draw knitting charts to go with the photo, and stick those in too! … we get an idea? we create a mind map, see where this takes us…  we find a quote we love? so we write it down, why do we like it, why does it resonate?… next time we go for a coffee in town we write about what’s around us, describe the scene, write down things we’ve overhear LOL!.. someone sends a letter from the US, we stick the stamps in the book, open the envelope, is the inside patterned? it is , so we tear it up, weave the torn strips together stick them down… then we blog about what we’ve been doing, we post the pages we’ve created.

Before we know it we have a wealth of things to use and the confidence to describing ourselves as being artistic.