I’ve always seen the creation of art and textiles as part of a journey of exploration, the inspiration and processes this involves forming a map of  those explorations. Not everything works and no artist truly likes everything they create,  both of these are a key part of being an artist, without these imperfections, no artist would thrive and grow. By the nature of what they do curious, looking at the world, observing and noting the details and transforming the ordinary and everyday into something fresh and new.

Chatting to friends in the last week has made me think about what I’ve been about over the last six months and caused me to  reflect on my artistic journey thus far. Thanks to Tess and Kim for being so thought provoking, and Joy for coming up with a tagline for the exploration to come “Corners – where the interesting stuff  hides?”

How many cornerscrystal formation, taken at Seizure, an installation by Roger Hiorns