101 things in 1001 days

101 things in 1001 days is one of my current favourite things- an online list of things I want to do. These aren’t everyday things, some are designed to be the great one-off dreams and some are designed to create habits, or to be the foundation of things that I want to do over longer periods.

I thought making a list of 101 things I want to do would be easy, it was, until I realised somewhere around the 60 thing point that I was duplicating things and what I was adding weren’t my idea of things I wanted to accomplish.

A week later I have a list of 101 things, some are a bit flaky so need a bit of refining to make them into proper goals and there are a few that may well be edited to make thme more personal. My 1001 days started on January 30th 2012, although I haven’t worked out when I’ll finish, it’ll be sometime in autumn 2014. 

I should be able to mark my first completed thing off the list this week, and add progress on a few more.


I Want To

I never cease to be amazed about the world of possibilities that open up by way of the information I stumble across on the internet. I’ve had some time over the last few days to think about and digest the wealth of information and provocation delivered via the Wovember blog. These thoughts have flowed across a diverse range of subjects, activities, some reminiscences and I’ve also had a bit of an awakening too. 

A lot of my thoughts have centred on my crafting skills, which of those I use regularly, what I have time for and how I could find more time to expand my crafting time and activities.  Consequently, I have two mental lists, one is a list of things I need to do, the other things I want to do. As always any lists like these promotes a rather unhealthy dose of guilt and is lacking with realism, so I’ve started small this morning with something I want to do, when I’ve finished this post I’m going to switch off my laptop and get on with something I feel I need to do.

My first  “I want to ” is to start a piece of  colourwork knitting. It’s been a long time since I did any, so I thought I’d start with a smallish project, and I’ve selected Dollheid, one of the designs by Kate Davies, co-founder of Wovember. This pattern fulfills another “I want to” in the form of teaching me a new knitting technique the i-cord cast on. Also on the  “I want to” list is to continue to use up the craft supplies I have and minimise future purchases, so I’ve picked yarns from my stash, one of which is some British Blue-faced Leicester yarn. I’ve worked a small gauge swatch to check needle size and try out my yarn choices, now I’m happy with both I can start my hat.

Dollheid swatch

i-cord cast on

My first “I need to” is to take a look at some of my textile works in progress and make a start on finishing up some of these. I have a rather large selection to choose from, and I’d like to see these fit into a smaller box in the very near future as I’d like to reduce the size of the wall of boxes in my study.